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Cultural Considerations

Please respect local traditions and help to maintain a good relationship between local people and foreign visitors.

• Behave conservatively as a show of respect for the local culture.

• Be grateful when accepting offers of food – but don’t take advantage of hospitality, and always pay for food and accommodation.

• Women should wear loose, long-sleeved shirts which don’t hug the body, and full-length trousers that cover the ankles.

• Women should wear a hat or scarf when out in public anywhere in Afghanistan.

• Don’t drink alcohol in public view.

• Refrain from public displays of affection between men and women.

• Help the local economy by patronising local businesses and buying local products, which encourages the development and protection of local natural resources.

• Ask permission before photographing people or sacred places

• Make donations through established organisations or respected community leaders. Don’t give handouts to healthy beggars or children.

• Observe local laws.





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