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Environmental Considerations

Much of the Bamyan region is a fragile, high-altitude environment. Visitors should do their best to protect it. The following guidelines apply particularly when camping.

• Keep your impact on the environment to a minimum.

• Travel in a small party to minimise overall impact (but for safety reasons, don’t travel alone).

• Cook on a kerosene stove. Avoid wood or dung fires; these fuels are a scarce resource needed by the local people.

• Bring adequate warm clothing to avoid relying on campfires for warmth.

• Wash dishes and clothes and bathe using a basin. Throw away soapy water at least 50 metres (yards) from streams or other water sources.

• Where there are no toilets in the wilderness, relieve yourself at least 50 metres (yards) from open water sources or campsites.

• Burn rubbish that can be burnt. Take other rubbish away with you to where you can dispose of it properly.

• Leave campsites the way you find them – or cleaner. Don’t clear vegetation or cut trees or branches, and don't remove stones from walls or canals.

• Don’t write your name or leave other graffiti on rocks and boulders.

• Don’t harass or feed wild animals or catch wild game.

• Don’t hunt or trade in endangered species.

• Use tour operators who promote environmentally responsible tourism.

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