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Discovering Bamyan
The remote land of Bamyan lies at the heart of Afghanistan in the midst of the Hindu Kush, far from the well-beaten tracks of the 21st century. The spirit of the great Buddhas still presides over this valley. To travel here is to discover something of an older world when merchants, pilgrims and conquerors from half of Asia passed through this area.
Bamyan lies at the crossing of ancient trade routes which traversed the Hindu Kush from north to south and east to west, linking Central Asia, India and Iran. Approaching by road you cross the bleak Shibar Pass, then pass through precipitous gorges until suddenly a lost world opens up before you...

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Bamyan is open for business

Bamyan province with history of 2000 years, a center of some great civilizations & its location on the Silk Road made it a major trade route between east & west. The cultural heritage & natural beauty of this land helped it attract thousands of tourists & visitors from all around the world. Before the war, the province would host 50-60 thousand visitors every year helping develop tourism industry and contributing to the local revenue.Read More...

Upcoming Events

July  4 – 6, 2013

Bamyan Silk Road Festival

Mark July as the month of festivity and entertainment on your tour list as the Forth Bamyan Silk Road Festival will take place at Bamyan Town & Band-e-Amir National Park.  The cultural performances, folk music, local games, hiking, exhibitions of local handicrafts will embrace you and make your tour worth it.

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