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The Afghan unit of currency is the afghani, also sometimes referred to in Persian (Dari) as "rupees" (“Afghani rupees”).

It is generally most convenient to travel with US dollars in cash which you can easily change for local currency as required in any town and many large bazaars. In more remote areas, it may not be clear what the latest exchange rate is. There are no internationally recognised banks in Bamyan itself and there are no ATM machines where you can withdraw money. There is a branch of Western Union inside Kabul Bank in Bamyan.

Several ATM bank machines in Kabul accept major credit and debit cards and dispense afghanis or US dollars. In Kabul, the main ATMs are in the Kabul City Centre shopping centre (Shahr-e-Nau); Standard Chartered Bank (Wazir Akbar Khan, Street 10, near Boccacio’s Restaurant); in Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) near the main Chicken Street intersection (Shahr-e-Nau); and in the Intercontinental Hotel.

There is a branch of Western Union in the main branch of Kabul Bank in Shahr-e-Nau, Kabul, where money can be sent to, or received from foreign countries.

Travellers cheques are rarely seen in Afghanistan nowadays. It may be possible to change them at some major banks but don’t rely on it.

It’s a good idea to carry some of your afghanis in small notes as change can be in short supply, especially in rural areas. A 1000-afghani note can be almost impossible to change in many remote places.

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